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Peaceful protests in defense of democracy in Guatemala


It is strangely quiet in the news about what is happening in Guatemala right now. Peaceful protests and strikes are ongoing across the country as a result of attempts to undermine the results of the recent presidential election.

The election was monitored by the EU election observation mission and other national and international observers, and marked a clear yet surprising victory for Bernardo Arévalo, who belongs to the social democrat Movimiento Semilla (Seed Movement) party. However, the election result is disputed by various bodies in Guatemala and raids have been carried out in the premises of the Supreme Electoral Court where voter registers have been seized and attempts have also been made to secure the suspension of Movimiento Semilla as a political party.

The EU calls on all Guatemalan institutions to fully respect the election results clearly voted for by the voters of Guatemala and calls for a peaceful transition of power.

The people have now taken to the streets in massive protests against the attempts to undermine the country’s democracy. Among other things, protesters are blocking roads throughout the country.

Montserrat Deu Pons, IM’s regional director in Central America, comments on the events as follows:

–  What is happening in Guatemala right now is a clear example of how  people raise their voice in unison to defend an already weak democracy. There is hardly any international coverage of the developments, and I can’t help but wonder if it is because the power of the people in peaceful protests is a force that is feared by governments in many parts of the world? Undoubtedly, the ongoing development of events in Guatemala is of relevance to the world.


By: Malin Kihlström