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Institutional donors 

Are you driving societal change and are looking for exciting partnerships to build the world of tomorrow?
Then, IM is the right partner for you!  

Since its foundation in 1938, IM has built a vast network for change, our partner ecosystem. From youth clubs in Guatemala over women’s associations in Nepal to multilateral organizations, IM drives societal change together with those that matters.  

We focus on bringing about social and economic justice. We support democratic mobilization in Sweden and globally, partnering with a diverse network of change agents. We make space for unheard voices at local, national and international tables and we provide flexible funding and challenge the existing power structures and patterns around the economic realities of funding. 

IM can do that thanks to our passionate member-based movement that built IMs strong economic foundation and drives engagement for societal change. Our movement of supporters allow us to innovate, dare and be the   

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Simon Marke Gran

Act Head of Fundraising |