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Strive for justice

In a world where inequality deepens and injustices become increasingly apparent, IM stands firm in our conviction that a just and humane world is possible. IM is founded on a fundamental commitment to justice.  

We are striving for a sustainable and inclusive society. We fight against discrimination, racism, sexism and other forms of injustice that prevent people from living fully. So we promote human rights, fight discrimination and embrace diversity.   


Together with a broad network of partners, we support women and youths wanting to escape poverty. We do this by organizing savings and loan groups, educating women about their rights, promoting sustainable agriculture, and supporting fair trade producers. An important part of our work is building knowledge so that the efforts can continue. 

The Savings and Loan Group Changed Martha’s Life 

“Four years ago, I joined a savings and loan group. With the money I borrowed, I bought land and built an irrigation system. Now I grow tomatoes, beans, corn, and cotton, which I sell at the market. I have built a house and support my family.”— Martha Bikey, Malawi 


In a democratic society, the equal value of all individuals and the freedom and right to influence are respected. Free elections and secure institutions are important parts of democracy. The same applies to freedom of speech, press freedom, freedom of opinion, and equality before the law.  

Democracy isn’t a passive action but requires citizens to take their democratic responsibility. Our belief is that all people have an inherent ability to take on this responsibility and thereby influence their situation. Such initiatives can lead to people organizing themselves and together becoming a stronger voice for change. 

Many of our efforts are based on supporting and engaging people and movements so take action for democracy together. This includes, for example, supporting indigenous activists in their right to their land, women in their right to reproductive health care and civil society actors in their right to free speech.  


All societies have norms, laws, and customs associated with what it means to be a man or a woman. Along with prevailing unequal power relations between the genders, women’s roles are often limited in: 

  • Participation in decision-making processes 
  • Access to and control over resources 
  • Self-determination over their bodies and health 
  • Economic opportunities 
  • Access to their human rights 
  • The right not to be subjected to violence 

In many countries, the LGBTQ* community is often facing discrimination and various forms of violence. IM works for all people, regardless of gender, to have the same rights and opportunities, and for everyone to be given equal space in social, political, and economic spheres. 

Anti- racism  

At IM’s annual meeting in 2014, our members decided that IM is an anti-racist organization. In short, this means that we actively fight racism in all our work. 

Freedom from racism is a human right and a necessity for just and democratic societies. Therefore, IM actively works to challenge racist and post-colonial structures both within our own organization and in efforts from local to global levels. Our anti-racist identity informs how we organize our work, choose our partners and design our funding modalities. We thrive to be an ally in what we do and provide information and education to those that want to be part of this anti-racist effort.