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Your donation saves lives in Gaza – this is what you have contributed to


Since the war between Israel and Hamas started, IM has been able to pay out one million SEK to our partner on the ground in Gaza, the Palestinian Medical Relief Society. The money has gone directly to medical equipment and first-aid kits. Thanks to gifts from our generous donors, many lives have been saved in this humanitarian crisis. But the need is still great, and we continue our presence in Gaza through various partners.

In the photo above staff from PMRS enters the refugee camp in Jabalia. Photo: PMRS

The situation in Gaza is often described as hell on earth. 90% of the population lacks access to clean water and half a million people are on the brink of starvation as the bombings and ground raids continue. Over 77,000 people have been injured in the war so far and we receive reports that on average ten children per hour lose some part of their body. Often, patients are forced to undergo both surgery and amputation without either anesthesia or adequate equipment. The need for medical assistance and supplies has never been greater.

The healthcare system in Gaza is under extreme pressure from the ongoing violence and lack of resources. The few hospitals that remain are overcrowded and health workers are struggling to cope with the influx of patients.

Temporary clinics in donated tents

Shortly after the war broke out, IM started a collaboration with the Palestinian Medical Relief Society (PMRS), a healthcare organization that provides primary care, emergency care and essential medical equipment to those affected. With support from IM, PMRS has been able to expand its mobile teams in Gaza (a total of 30) and has so far reached a total of 363,000 people (the figure is likely higher, but it is currently difficult to obtain complete reports). Despite the extreme and unpredictable conditions, with staff themselves living in the dire circumstances that prevail, PMRS continues to ensure that as many as possible receive the care they need.

As most of the hospitals and medical centers in Gaza are destroyed by Israeli bombing, PMRS is forced to set up temporary clinics in donated tents and the staff also walk through the ruins and seek out patients. The lack of communication facilities and the constant risk of attacks on healthcare workers also make the work difficult.

Medical equipment and first aid kit

IM’s contribution of one million SEK has been decisive for PMRS’s work in Gaza. Of these funds, 76% have been used to purchase medical equipment and aids such as crutches, wheelchairs, oxygen tanks and prostheses. The rest of the money has gone towards equipping PMRS teams with advanced first-aid kits, enabling them to act quickly in emergencies and stabilize patients with life-threatening conditions.

PMRS has obtained the equipment by partly buying from existing warehouses, partly via established partners who have managed to send goods via the border crossings to Egypt and Jordan. PMRS also works on advocacy to increase the flow of humanitarian aid into Gaza.

Information reduces the spread of infection

PMRS is also on site in several of the refugee camps in Gaza. These camps are overcrowded, and it is almost impossible for the people living there to maintain their hygiene properly. There is an average of one toilet per 700 people, and that, combined with a lack of clean water and sanitation infrastructure, has led to infections and diseases spreading like wildfire. PMRS tries to counteract the spread by informing about how to take care of your hygiene under the prevailing circumstances, for example the importance of washing your hands when possible, wearing a mask, washing clothes and bedding if possible, and isolating infected individuals.

A warm thank you to those who contribute

We would like to thank everyone who has donated so far to our ongoing emergency fundraiser for Gaza. We continue to collect money, both for our work in Gaza but also for the war in Ukraine. Each war zone has its challenges and we continue to support our partners on the ground, both during the ongoing wars and also afterwards when reconstruction begins. Your gift is needed and makes a difference. Many thanks for your commitment.

Do you want to contribute? If in Sweden, use this link. If abroad, please use this link. A warm and heartfelt thank you for your contribution.

In the photo above staff from PMRS enters the refugee camp in Jabalia. Photo: PMRS

By: Malin Kihlström