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IM supports Ukraine

Bild på Ukrainas flagga.

The Russian invasion has shocked us all. At IM, we are now doing everything we can to support our colleagues and friends in Ukraine. IM stands behind the people of Ukraine and their right to live in peace and freedom!

We support organisations in Ukraine that work with human rights and inclusion, which is the very foundation of democracy. Activists play an important role in creating a positive change in society.

We put their personal safety first and are therefore wary of statements that in the region may be perceived as too political and thus contribute to increasing the threat against them.

They need all the support we can give and the needs risk increasing drastically every day.

We will never give up the fight for human rights, peace and freedom in Ukraine.

Do you want to join?

Support Ukraine!

Martin Nihlgård, IM’s Secretary General

By: Amanda Pietersen