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On foot to save lives


The fact that all fuel in Gaza is almost gone does not stop the workers and volunteers working for the Palestinian Medical Relief Society. On foot, they make their way through raging war to provide vital care.

Our partner in Gaza, the Palestinian Medical Relief Society (PMRS), persistently continues its work to reach out with emergency and medical care to the most vulnerable in the war zone. PMRS is the largest medical organization in Palestine and currently has over 400 staff and 12,000 volunteers working day and night to save lives and provide vital health care.

Because the lack of fuel is extensive, employees walk tens of kilometers daily to reach those in need.

All children’s hospitals in Gaza have been closed. According to data from PMRS, there are currently 3,300 children who are sick with cancer or blood disorders and who do not get access to the care they need. Thousands of children with diabetes are at risk of dying due to lack of food and insulin. 5,500 children born since the war broke out in October do not receive vaccinations or other necessary care, while at the same time they are at risk of serious illness due to water shortages and unsanitary conditions.

The pictures below show the PMRS team for women’s health going around looking for pregnant and newly delivered women to check them and provide them with, for example, hygiene kits, diapers, and medical supplies.

As the humanitarian crisis in Gaza grows day by day, PMRS needs your support. Your gift to our emergency fundraiser goes to PMRS and supports them in their vital work (it is only possible to make donations within Sweden, for payment from abroad please visit this page). Thank you very much for your support.

All photos: PMRS

By: Malin Kihlström