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Painful news from Ukraine

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It is hard and painful to absorb the news that is now coming from Ukraine. There are testimonies of indescribable cruelty to the civilian population.

People have been forced to their knees and executed in cold blood with shots in their necks. Smoke grenades have been thrown into basements where people have sought refuge, after which women and children who have left the basement have been shot dead. It is also testified that rape is used as a weapon. Mass graves are found and from the areas that Russian army leaves streets are lined with corpses. Satellite images show, among other things, a 14-meter-long mass grave. The Criminal Court in The Hague has initiated an investigation. Perpetrators of war crimes will be held accountable, says European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. Professor in international law Mark Klamberg states that this is war crimes and possible genocide. Klamberg compares the situation in Ukraine with Srebrenica.

The war and the brutal crimes are the ultimate consequence of the authoritarian state. History has taught us that the states that have sacrificed democracy will soon also lose respect for human dignity and human rights. It applies inside the country, and it applies outside the country.

It is frustrating that, at the moment, there is so little we can do, but the international agreements and institutions are what we have. It will take time, but hopefully the offenders will one day be held accountable for what they have done both directly to individuals and indirectly to humanity. At IM, we continue to work with the short-term: to support our partners in both Ukraine and Moldova. They now work night and day to take care of the people who have been forced to flee and who bear great wounds from the abuses they have been forced to witness. We are also looking at a slightly longer term where we will be involved in building a free and democratic Ukraine. To succeed, we need your support, both today and tomorrow.



By: Malin Kihlström