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That’s enough now!


"Yes, you have the right to defend yourself - but not at any price." This is what IM's Secretary General Martin Nihlgård writes in a personal text about the Israel-Hamas war.

Every day we are fed new pictures from Gaza.
No access to food. No access to medicine. Scarce access to water.
Even more devastation. Home in ruins. Schools in ruins. Hospital in ruins.
I’m starting to lose count of the dead.
I don’t want to, but I’m shutting down. It will just be numbers.
But it is about individual lives.
It is mainly about women and children.
It is about people trapped in an area smaller than Lund municipality.
People forced to flee. People forced to flee again.
People desperately seeking shelter on an ever-shrinking surface.
It’s about children. It’s about mothers and fathers trying to comfort.
It’s about people like you and me.
Yes, you have the right to defend yourself against terrorism.
But no, you don’t have the right to do it at any price.
Not for any number of lives.
Now we have to say stop, that’s enough now!

By: Malin Kihlström